Guilt-tripping the European public won’t help the drowning migrants | Alex Duval Smith | Comment is free | The Guardian

One comment that makes sense – but it’s drowned by the flood of feel good guilt trip rants which, while advocating accepting unlimited immigration, ignore the consequences of such policies. And the consequences can be catastrophic on our societies: on the one hand a massive increase in minorities, which will soon become not such small minorities, which will turn very aggressive and militant, once they discover that their European dream was total BS and on the other the extremists and populists, who will oppose these minorities at our expense, at the cost of our democracy and freedom. Either way we lose, whether at the hands of the Islamists or nazis and, most likely, both. So I agree with the author: help them to sort out their lives and stay home, instead of destroying what’s left of our democracies.

Trouble is that, after the Iraqi and Afghan débacles, Americans don’t want to get involved and everybody else is happy to make noises from the sidelines. At best, countries are ready to conduct a short surgical campaign like in Libya – and we saw what great success that was: we can topple a dictator quite easily, but then we have to sort out the mess left behind – and nobody wants to do that. In other words, we will carry on agonising over the issues, but nobody will do anything about it. The best part is that our foes know how impotent the west is and they take advantage of it, be it Putin or IS.

We could absorb several million more refugees in Europe, no trouble. They are not taking jobs Europeans don’t want, anyway. However, the question is: what has massive immigration from outside Europe done to our societies so far and what is it likely to do in the future? On the one hand, some of them come with baggage: a majority may integrate peacefully and try to coexist with the locals, but a sizeable percentage will bring with them their politics and religion – which will exacerbate even further our minorities problems. Worse still will be the populist backlash: we are already facing a serious challenge to our democracies from the Lega Nord, Golden Dawn, FN or UKiP and countless other populist extreme right wing parties all over Europe – what will the influx of millions of immigrants every year do to our democracies?

Taxpayers should be outraged that European aid money is propping up the corrupt regimes that so many Africans are fleeing

Source: Guilt-tripping the European public won’t help the drowning migrants | Alex Duval Smith | Comment is free | The Guardian