Graphene light bulbs: what’s the secret sauce?

Sun 10/05/2015

Graphene light bulbs, expected to be more efficient and cheaper to produce than LED lights announced by the University of Manchester graphene project. Potentially exciting news – but may have to be patient until more […]

Britain and the EU – the neverending moan

Sun 10/05/2015

The only alliance some countries would be ready to enter into, would be one they can rule and control. That’s rather difficult, in a multilateral world. And the world is multilateral, whether we want it […]

Tony Blair on Labour after the GE2015 defeat

Sun 10/05/2015

Tony Blair, the former three time British PM, published an opinion piece in the Guardian: Blair on Labour. With all the stupid things Blair did during his long life in office and afterwards – tripped up […]

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