Russian Propaganda and disinformation

Russian disinformation milestones against the West since 1999

The fact that Russian propaganda in the USA, Germany and other countries deliberately attempts to inflame moods has been known and documented for years. Since 1999 a particularly large number of conflicts can be observed; We have invited Dietmar Pichler, Co-Founder of the Center of Digital Media Literacy in Austria to give you a summary of events that have been used to spread disinformation against the West and how Russian propaganda works.

This webinar was hosted by ELfR co-founder and vice-President Piotr Azia.

Dietmar Pichler, Co-Founder of Center for Digital Media Literacy, Austria
Dietmar Pichler is board member for International Relations at Vienna goes Europe, programmatic Director and co-founder of the “Center for Digital Media Literacy” and a political strategist at “Unlimited democracy“.

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