Editorial – ELfR newsletter 7 March 2022

Dear European Liberals,
Dear ELfR friends and supporters! 
We are living in strange, difficult times. In fact the most dangerous moment since the end of WWII.
After more than 70 years of peace on the European continent, we find ourselves with an open war again. As we read the newspapers, watch television, follow social media, many, if not all of us, have this feeling of overpowering sadness for the lives lost, frustration with our powerlessness to do anything about it, rage at the monstrous egomaniac unleashing death and destruction on our neighbours, terrified about our own future and that of our children and grandchildren.
We feel very strongly that we need to resist and fight back, but we come up against the unbearable constraints of the MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) principle, which has kept us safe during the Cold War, but which is now coming back with a vengeance, wielded by, what many suspect, is a madman entrenched in the Kremlin.
When we speak to our friends in the Russian opposition, we feel heartbroken for them as they face arrest and long prison sentences, for daring to demonstrate against this vanity war. But we admire their heroism, for standing up and saving the soul of Russia, so that nobody can say that it’s Russia versus the rest of the world – it’s the clique in power against the rest of the world.
We have prepared a statement, which you will find on our website, Facebook page and within this newsletter – we feel strongly about it and we hope that you will share our outrage and concern for the innocent lives lost.
During the last month we have kept busy, publishing numerous blog posts, organising webinars (which you can watch on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe and share with your friends!)
We are working hard to make ELfR relevant to you and to a widening audience – that’s why we look forward to your feedback – please keep it coming.
With our best, albeit worried, wishes,
Piotr Azia, Vice-President
for European Liberals for Reform

ELfR Newsletter March 2022