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Sat 03/02/2018

The Rise of Poland’s Far Right|Foreign Affairs

Tue 26/12/2017

The rise of the Polish far right has deeper historical roots than many right-wing populist movements in Europe. But more worrying than the extremist groups is the extent to which their ideas and supporters have […]

Internet: Los rostros del troll | Opinión | EL PAÍS

Tue 05/12/2017

Internet se ha llenado de personas que vierten opiniones ofensivas sobre cualquier tema y cuyo surgimiento explica los importantes cambios sociales que está aparejando el acceso ‘redentor’ a la tecnología Source: Internet: Los rostros del […]

Political Islam After the Arab Spring

Mon 06/11/2017

In many Muslim countries, mainstream Islamist parties are taking an increasingly secular approach to politics. Yet by doing so they risk destroying the religious elements of society that created them. Source: Political Islam After the […]

John Boehner Unchained|Politico

Mon 06/11/2017

I fail to feel sympathy for Boehner. He tried to push extremist policies in a blocked house, but got ambushed by people even more extreme than him. My heart bleeds for him. The former House […]

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