Russian Propaganda and disinformation with Dietmar Pichler – ELfR

The fact that Russian propaganda in the USA, Germany and other countries deliberately attempts to inflame moods has been known and documented for years. Since 1999 a particularly large number of conflicts can be observed; We have invited Dietmar Pichler, Co-Founder of the Center of Digital Media Literacy in Austria to give you a summary of events that have been used to spread disinformation against the West and how Russian propaganda works.

This webinar was hosted by ELfR co-founder and vice-President Piotr Azia.

Dietmar Pichler, Co-Founder of Center for Digital Media Literacy, Austria
Dietmar Pichler is board member for International Relations at Vienna goes Europe, programmatic Director and co-founder of the “Center for Digital Media Literacy” and a political strategist at “Unlimited democracy“.