Britain and the EU – the neverending moan

The only alliance some countries would be ready to enter into, would be one they can rule and control. That’s rather difficult, in a multilateral world. And the world is multilateral, whether we want it or not. Even massive countries like Russia (in size of territory, not in economy or population), the USA (size, population and economy), China (territory, population and economy) or India (size and population) – have to play on the international scene and seek alliances. Britain no longer rules the waves, not even the radio waves, as the government cut back funding for the BBC World Service, just as Russia is pumping massive resources into Russia Today and other propaganda outlets. Britons will have a chance to decide very soon what they want: play nice with the other EU members, on terms which are mutually beneficial and without throwing tantrums every other day over perceived slights, or go its own way. Whatever the decision, it will be welcome, as most Europeans are fed up with the constant posturing and moaning coming from across the channel. And in case any frustrated kipper gets any ideas: I don’t live in the UK, I’ve never lived there and yes, I have very strong, personal connections to it and I am a lifelong Anglofile. And, by the way, I think that the EU is the best thing since sliced bread – I am glad that I and my children, so far, haven’t had to fight a war in our lifetime, as both my parents had to, and their parents before that.
EU flag high res
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