Opinion | Who’s a Spaniard These Days?|NYT

Sun 07/01/2018

The Catalan independence referendum was the most dangerous outcome of a populist nationalism aimed at breaking Europe apart. Source: Opinion | Who’s a Spaniard These Days?

Brexit, la facture des mensonges | Le Temps

Mon 11/12/2017

EDITORIAL. L’accord trouvé entre la Commission européenne et le Royaume-Uni remet les pendules du Brexit à l’heure. Il entérine des compromis bien éloignés du divorce avantageux que ses partisans avaient juré d’obtenir Source: Brexit, la […]

European language and Erasmus

Sat 10/09/2016

Should all EU business be conducted in English? I think all EU members and languages deserve respect, not just one. Forcing everybody to speak one language, however convenient, would alienate the rest of the EU […]

Suggestions for the EU

Thu 08/09/2016

1. EU citizens should be allowed to vote for European Parliament elections wherever they may live – in their home country, in another EU country or outside the EU. Millions of EU citizens live in […]

Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection

Fri 02/09/2016

RTÉ’s Europe Editor Tony Connelly looks at the Apple ruling and the possible impact of a similar case involving Spanish bank Santander. Source: Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection

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