Suggestions for the EU

1. EU citizens should be allowed to vote for European Parliament elections wherever they may live – in their home country, in another EU country or outside the EU. Millions of EU citizens live in a different country or even outside the EU and they should not be deprived of the right to vote

2. The EU Constitution, if amended or rewritten, should be closer in size (and readability) to the US constitution than to a telephone book. A clear, concise text outlining the essence of the Union, leaving the endless details and verbiage for specific laws, rules and regulations. Every EU citizen should know the Constitution, not just a few experts, it should be taught at school. This would also obviate the need to amend the Constitution every time minor changes are made to some rules

3. Most of the issues treated by the EU are very technical, and, unfortunately. uninteresting for the general public. The EU should make an effort to explain clearly and concisely its activity and purpose on a continuous basis, as members’ leaders often misrepresent its activities for their own political reasons, while the national press often presents a totally distorted image of the EU, its bodies and its activities – that’s what caused Brexit, more than any other factor: the ceaseless distortions and manipulation by a press controlled by a few barons, who pursued relentlessly their own agenda, at the expense of the public. Witness the fact that a number of regions in the UK, which were receiving considerable funding from the EU, voted for Brexit, because voters were not aware that they had been receiving large amounts of money, for decades