Brexit, dénouement?

Britain in the EU has always been an obstacle to progress. That’s why the founding fathers managed to get so much done while the group was small and coherent. So little has been achieved since Britain joined, and so remarkably ill-conceived. Compromise is good, it’s the essence of democracy, but excessive compromise leads to stalemate, particularly when one side is totally unyielding and all of the compromise comes from the other side. I would wish for a Brexit, were it not for my kids living in the UK. Let’s face it, thanks to the crisis, the consensus for building a united Europe is no longer there. And guess who was responsible for the crisis, besides Bush’s USA? London with its mad, mad, mad financial services. Farage’s Putinistas didn’t come to power during the last parliamentary elections only thanks to a quirk of the electoral system. This hurdle doesn’t exist for the referendum. And, considering that all of the right wing press is a fact-free zone, while Corbyn’s labour is, to say the least, ambivalent towards the EU, therefore the Guardian is too, a Brexit is more than likely. Good riddance to bad rubbish, but what’s left in the EU, other than a beleaguered Merkel, a feeble Hollande, a clever but not too strong Renzi and a mass of eurosceptic east Europeans, who came to power thanks to the unstinting support of both Putin and Cameron’s wacky roadshow of a Tory party. What’s really galling is that a Brexit would be a total viczory for Putin, free to take over Europe without a shot being fired

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