Brexit, la facture des mensonges | Le Temps

Mon 11/12/2017

EDITORIAL. L’accord trouvé entre la Commission européenne et le Royaume-Uni remet les pendules du Brexit à l’heure. Il entérine des compromis bien éloignés du divorce avantageux que ses partisans avaient juré d’obtenir Source: Brexit, la […]

Boris Johnson the Counter-Revolutionary|ECFR

Sat 06/08/2016

Johnson’s behaviour is also called opportunism or a brazen face, as far as I remember. In other words, totally unprincipled, ready to jump on any bandwagon. I reckon that when a significant percentage of the […]

John Lanchester · Brexit Blues|LRB

Sun 24/07/2016

Why aren’t people more angry? The Brexit vote showed that plenty of them are. But perhaps it expressed that other feeling, the one of bewilderment, just as much. ‘Take back control’ is a cynical but […]

Europe’s Generation Gap

Sun 10/07/2016

We’re seeing among the young animosity against the older ones for tilting the referendum towards the exit, without a corresponding awareness that, instead of relying on other voters to represent their interests, the young have […]

Unelected EU officials

Tue 05/07/2016

Not all countries vote directly for their prime ministers or head of state. Who voted for the British head of state, the Queen? The EU commission is nominated by EU members’ prime ministers, all duly […]

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