What’s a European Liberal to Do?|NYT

Thu 14/04/2016

Among progressives in France, confusion reigns over how to balance secularism, tolerance and fear of fundamentalists. Source: What’s a European Liberal to Do?

Javier Solana: Brexit’s Questions for Europe

Thu 31/03/2016

In three months, British citizens will vote on whether or not to remain in the EU. But they are not the only ones who must consider their political future; the upcoming referendum also poses important […]

Arturo Pérez-Reverte: Sobre idiotas, velos e imanes

Thu 24/03/2016

…Demasiada transigencia social, demasiados paños calientes, demasiados complejos, demasiado miedo a que te llamen xenófobo. Con lo fácil que sería decir desde el principio: sea bien venido porque lo necesitamos a usted y a su […]

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