Peter Pomerantsev: Why We’re Post-Fact

Mon 29/08/2016

As his army blatantly annexed Crimea, Vladimir Putin went on TV and, with a smirk, told the world there were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. He wasn’t lying so much as saying the truth doesn’t […]

The Threat Is Already Inside

Mon 29/08/2016

The author claims that we should stop treating terrorism as exceptional and learn to deal with it more intelligently. Contains some good ideas, although I disagree with some of them, like funding “moderate” Muslims: we’ve […]

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet | TIME

Sat 27/08/2016

They’re turning the web into a cesspool of aggression and violence. What watching them is doing to the rest of us may be even worse Source: How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet | TIME

Poland’s Constitutional Crisis | Foreign Affairs

Sat 27/08/2016

After simmering for nine months, the tension between Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and the country’s highest court, the Constitutional Tribunal, is coming to a boil. Source: Poland’s Constitutional Crisis | Foreign Affairs

The British Left’s Hypocritical Embrace of Islamism

Fri 26/08/2016

The towering hypocrisy of the left’s support for the burkini and all the manifestations of Islamist fanaticism Anti-extremist campaigner Maajid Nawaz embodies grievances that liberals claim to care about. So why is he being viciously […]

Russian Envy | Foreign Affairs

Thu 25/08/2016

Russian corruption is hardly new. In one form or another, cheating has been characteristic of the Russian state at least since 1648, when a new universal tax prompted what historians believe to have been the […]

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