The Threat Is Already Inside

The author claims that we should stop treating terrorism as exceptional and learn to deal with it more intelligently. Contains some good ideas, although I disagree with some of them, like funding “moderate” Muslims: we’ve tried countless times and, more often than not, it turns out that we’ve been duped and scammed. Identifying and monitoring consistently “moderates” requires operatives with excellent knowledge of their field, languages and reliable, long term cooperation – each one of these elements rarer than the other. Also, claiming that, inevitably, among the more than 750 thousands refugees who reached Europe from the Middle East and Africa, there will be terrorists, is true but beside the point: I am more concerned about the remaining hundreds of thousands coming to swell the ranks of millions of people with no knowledge, love or respect for our history and civilisation, who will do their level best to obliterate it, sooner rather than later. As it’s happening day in and day out, whether by direct action or by justifying and empowering xenophobes and extremists all across Europe.

By now, the script is familiar: Terrorists attack a Western target, and politicians compete to offer stunned and condemnatory adjectives. British, Chinese, and Japanese leaders…

Source: The Threat Is Already Inside

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