The Threat Is Already Inside

Mon 29/08/2016

The author claims that we should stop treating terrorism as exceptional and learn to deal with it more intelligently. Contains some good ideas, although I disagree with some of them, like funding “moderate” Muslims: we’ve […]

The Appeal of 9 May

Tue 17/05/2016

On the whole an initiative well-thought out and outlining a programme Europeans can get behind – although I have serious reservations about point 3: 3. The third initiative should deal with management of refugee flows. […]

20 minutes|More Germans leave Switzerland

Thu 28/04/2016

Well, the UDC is obtaining what it wants, on many levels: top professionals, from countries with full employment like Germany, leave because they can. Others go as soon as they can. So the only ones […]

Tomas L. Friedman: Out of Africa|NYT

Fri 22/04/2016

Friedman gives probably the best description of the problem I’ve seen so far. You don’t stop this kind of migration with a paddle boat, or a warship, particularly if people are ready to sink their […]

Relying on Turkey ‘leads to blackmail’, Tusk says

Fri 22/04/2016

Making deals with dodgy authoritarian governments, presents dangers – it goes without saying. While EU governments bicker and lose ground to populists, we are dropping the ball on fundamental policies like defence of EU borders. The […]

Thomas L. Friedman: Out of Africa|The New York Times

Wed 20/04/2016

A farming village too parched to sustain crops is also losing its men, who leave in search of work to support their families. Source: Source: Out of Africa, Part II – The New York Times

The Islamic State of Molenbeek|NYT

Fri 15/04/2016

Roger Cohen in the NYT: A district of Brussels had in effect seceded from Belgium. Europe must fight an ideological battle against Wahhabi Islam. …There is a vacuum. Vacuums are dangerous. The answer is a […]

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