Anglocondescension | EL PAÍS

Mon 06/11/2017

We are sorry to have disappointed you. But maybe we Spaniards have grown up and no longer need to be lectured Source: Anglocondescension | In English | EL PAÍS Original in Spanish:

Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection

Fri 02/09/2016

RTÉ’s Europe Editor Tony Connelly looks at the Apple ruling and the possible impact of a similar case involving Spanish bank Santander. Source: Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection

Peter Pomerantsev: Why We’re Post-Fact

Mon 29/08/2016

As his army blatantly annexed Crimea, Vladimir Putin went on TV and, with a smirk, told the world there were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. He wasn’t lying so much as saying the truth doesn’t […]

The Threat Is Already Inside

Mon 29/08/2016

The author claims that we should stop treating terrorism as exceptional and learn to deal with it more intelligently. Contains some good ideas, although I disagree with some of them, like funding “moderate” Muslims: we’ve […]

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