Those Medici | The Economist

Thu 26/05/2016

FLORENCE was the centre of the Renaissance. By no accident, it was also at the time the centre of an industry that has marked the West no less: banking. And at the centre of that […]

Bill Emmott: Trump’s Italian Prototype

Mon 21/03/2016

As Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the US continues to rack up successes, pundits are scrambling for some historical or foreign analogue that can shed light on the phenomenon. The most apt is the Italian […]

The necessity of culture|The Economist

Sun 13/03/2016

In Italy, until Renzi and, particularly under Berlusconi, culture was a word not used in polite company and political circles. Berlusconi preferred bling to ancient ruins. Italy has, for decades – not to say for […]

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