Italy set to double child benefit to combat low birth rate – BBC News

When we want to encourage people to have children, young people in Italy and many other countries lack a basic ingredient: steady, reasonably paid jobs. It’s very hard to decide to have babies, when women are certain to lose their job at the first hint of pregnancy. And men are permanently on an ejectable seat – so that the whole young family could end up on the street or squatting with the parents, as many young families do, long into their mature years. This is not only up to governments: companies have to take on board the fact that they have social responsibility towards their employees, the state and their clients, not only their owners and shareholders. The funniest thing is that right-wing populists like the UDC in Switzerland, not exactly the poorest country, oppose any kind of help for young families, because it’s an individual private matter – the same UDC desperately trying to keep immigrants out, while making sure that the young Swiss are not encouraged to have little William Tells, with the white cross nappy and all

Italy’s health minister outlines plans to double child benefit payments in attempt to combat an “apocalyptic” decline in country’s birth rate.

Source: Italy set to double child benefit to combat low birth rate – BBC News