Don’t Blame Sykes-Picot for the Middle East’s Mess

Fri 13/05/2016

Sometime in the 100 years since the Sykes-Picot agreement was signed, invoking its “end” became a thing among commentators, journalists, and analysts of the Middle… Source: Don’t Blame Sykes-Picot for the Middle East’s Mess

Relying on Turkey ‘leads to blackmail’, Tusk says

Fri 22/04/2016

Making deals with dodgy authoritarian governments, presents dangers – it goes without saying. While EU governments bicker and lose ground to populists, we are dropping the ball on fundamental policies like defence of EU borders. The […]

The Islamic State of Molenbeek|NYT

Fri 15/04/2016

Roger Cohen in the NYT: A district of Brussels had in effect seceded from Belgium. Europe must fight an ideological battle against Wahhabi Islam. …There is a vacuum. Vacuums are dangerous. The answer is a […]

The New Europeans|The New York Times

Sun 10/04/2016

We are not really talking just about a group of people who need shelter from a war. These people are, more likely than not, here to stay permanently, as homesickness vanishes with time, while safety […]

Arturo Pérez-Reverte: Sobre idiotas, velos e imanes

Thu 24/03/2016

…Demasiada transigencia social, demasiados paños calientes, demasiados complejos, demasiado miedo a que te llamen xenófobo. Con lo fácil que sería decir desde el principio: sea bien venido porque lo necesitamos a usted y a su […]

Anatol Lieven: Don’t Fear the Russians|NYT

Sun 20/03/2016

Mr Lieven does such a good job at calming western fears about Russia’s aggressive stance on all fronts. A very emollient piece of propaganda, interpreting as voluntary restraint, every time Russia has been forced to […]

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