Tomas L. Friedman: Out of Africa|NYT

Fri 22/04/2016

Friedman gives probably the best description of the problem I’ve seen so far. You don’t stop this kind of migration with a paddle boat, or a warship, particularly if people are ready to sink their […]

Thomas L. Friedman: Out of Africa|The New York Times

Wed 20/04/2016

A farming village too parched to sustain crops is also losing its men, who leave in search of work to support their families. Source: Source: Out of Africa, Part II – The New York Times

Corriere: Il Muro dell’Est

Tue 16/02/2016

Non si possono lasciar entrare, transitare e stabilirsi milioni di persone senza nessun controllo e senza nessun criterio. In Grecia ed in Italia si sa che, comunque i migranti sono solo in transito. In altri […]

The French Way of War – POLITICO Magazine

Sun 22/11/2015

The French military is highly conscious of its small size and lack of resources… Whenever possible, they try to limit the use of the military to missions for which militaries really can be of use. […]

Boko Haram massacres and the media

Mon 12/01/2015

Boko Haram has been busy these days, massacring whole villages, with hundreds or even thousands of victims. Some voices on social sites complain that we are dedicating so much time to the Paris terrorist attacks […]