You may consider adapting to your new home country (and tolerating its inhabitants)

Extreme religious practices tend to attract comments, perhaps sometimes unpleasant – but so do all sorts of behaviours and attires to which society is not used at the moment. It must be hell to have orange hair or tattoos on your face or metal sticking out of every natural and artificial hole in your body, unless you enjoy it, of course, as the idea is to shock the populace and provoke a reaction. If you live in a society where religion is only one of the components and not the main one and your whole life hinges around your religious beliefs and if you demonstrate it through your clothes, hair, beard and everything else you can think of, you may expect some sort of reaction – take it as a compliment or ignore it. You can’t bring from your home country your whole baggage of religious ideas, society and family habits, including some which are illegal in your country of residence and expect total respect and obedience to your own dictates at every step of the way. You may consider adapting to your new country (and tolerating its inhabitants) – as most people do, without losing their identity or beliefs. And don’t murder people because they disagree with you or irritate you. Just a thought.

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