Political Islam After the Arab Spring

Mon 06/11/2017

In many Muslim countries, mainstream Islamist parties are taking an increasingly secular approach to politics. Yet by doing so they risk destroying the religious elements of society that created them. Source: Political Islam After the […]

Pérez-Reverte, sobre moros y cristianos – Zenda

Sun 04/09/2016

Spanish writer Arturo Perrez-Reverte series of four articles on the West and Islam (in Spanish): Los godos seguirán llegando en oleadas, anegando fronteras, caminos y ciudades. Están en su derecho, y tienen justo lo que […]

The Islamic State of Molenbeek|NYT

Fri 15/04/2016

Roger Cohen in the NYT: A district of Brussels had in effect seceded from Belgium. Europe must fight an ideological battle against Wahhabi Islam. …There is a vacuum. Vacuums are dangerous. The answer is a […]

What’s a European Liberal to Do?|NYT

Thu 14/04/2016

Among progressives in France, confusion reigns over how to balance secularism, tolerance and fear of fundamentalists. Source: What’s a European Liberal to Do?

The New Europeans|The New York Times

Sun 10/04/2016

We are not really talking just about a group of people who need shelter from a war. These people are, more likely than not, here to stay permanently, as homesickness vanishes with time, while safety […]

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