How to Help Syrian Refugees | Foreign Affairs

One of the few useful contributions to the global debate about refugees and what to do with and for them. Between the angelical left wing notion than no migrant is a bad migrant, so take them all in, the more the better and the extreme right wing concept that anybody from across any border is a threat to identity, religion and our blonde women, there is perhaps a better idea: help them to live decently close to home. Minimise the disruption to families and cultures, reduce the strain, mainly cultural, on Europe and increase the chance of people ever making it back home, once the war finishes: let them work, study and lead normal lives close to home. That’s where we should be spending money generously, saving lives, but also our societies, instead of dealing with a flood a of refugees who have risked their lives to get to our shores, only to to face closed borders and increasingly unfriendly reception by an overwhelmed Europe. Our generosity would have the advantage that it would help us as much or more than the primary targets of our relief. Cheap for the price.

It’s time for a new approach to the Syrian refugee crisis: one that gives displaced Syrians jobs, benefits the states hosting refugees, and improves the Middle East’s long-term prospects for stability. Incorporating refugees into special economic zones in Jordan is the way to start.

Source: How to Help Syrian Refugees | Foreign Affairs