Tolerance and its excesses

Irrationality has its price. Irrational rejection and hatred of foreigners on one hand, unconditional and irrational love of strangers on the other. Instead of sitting down and discussing who deserves and truly needs our protection, like the ME Christians and Yazidis, we take in the victims and their worst enemies and crowd them together, so that they can continue their persecution. I know that it sounds politically incorrect, but I would say to any candidate to enter the EU: leave your f…ing religion at home. You are entering a lay and inclusive area. If you don’t like it, go back and carry on your destructive religious wars, there is no room for you in the EU. Same for those who are in, already. Fat chance, I know – we are doing exactly the opposite and we will pay the price for it. Give it 20 years and Syria will look like heaven in comparison with our religious wars in Europe (and we have a long and inglorious tradition in this field).

Nicodin Bogdan on G+