EU video: Europe, from war to peace

Nicodin Bogdan on G+: “A very powerful propaganda film from the +European Commission

By not telling young people – each new generation – how terrible our past had been and what toll we have paid for it, we have made a huge mistake. We have made it possible for mediocre politicians to peddle, again, hatred and fear, whether it’s the UDC in Switzerland (I know, it’s not in the EU but it’s in the heart of Europe), Forza Italia or Lega Nord, Front National, the PP in Spain, UKIP, etc., as are taken seriously by a growing percentage of the European population. And saying that conflict in Europe is not possible these days is wrong, as it was wrong thinking that an apparently peaceful country like Yugoslavia could survive united or break up peacefully. A bunch of populist rabble rousers like Milosevic and his colleagues in other Yugoslav regions resurrected all the ancient horrors of the region and Europe – and then some – right at our doorstep. How long do you think it would take to convince European nations to attack each other? I give it 20 years or less, if we rebuild borders and carry on with economic wars and continue preaching hatred of the “other”. So, let’s reform the EU, let’s elect people with charisma and integrity, who can represent the European people and be heard by them, instead of throwing away this great attempt at something better than what we have done so far, in our largely infamous past.