Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection

Fri 02/09/2016

RTÉ’s Europe Editor Tony Connelly looks at the Apple ruling and the possible impact of a similar case involving Spanish bank Santander. Source: Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection

Those Medici | The Economist

Thu 26/05/2016

FLORENCE was the centre of the Renaissance. By no accident, it was also at the time the centre of an industry that has marked the West no less: banking. And at the centre of that […]

Learning From Obama|NYT

Mon 04/04/2016

The president has had a lot of success addressing America’s problems, which may surprise many on the left and the right. Source: Learning From Obama

Wall Street’s Retreat From King Coal|NYT

Tue 29/03/2016

Coal-state politicians who won’t listen to environmental arguments should take a look at where the big money is headed. The grave environmental damage from coal-fired power plants has done nothing to deter the Senate majority […]

The Economist | Buttonwood: Tough choices

Sun 27/03/2016

The Economist | Buttonwood: Tough choices

Stiglitz: The New Generation Gap|Project Syndicate

Sun 20/03/2016

On both sides of the Atlantic, young people’s voting behavior has diverged sharply with that of their elders. And the reason is clear: political elites have failed to ensure social justice across generations. Source: The […]

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