Brahma Chellaney: The Western Roots of Anti-Western Terror


Brahma Chellaney repeats, in the “The Western Roots of Anti-Western Terror“, the theory that all evil and disorder in today’s world stems invariably and unavoidably from western interventionism. As if it was a given, the starting point of any possible study. Therefore we should blame ourselves and just stop.

Yet another advocate of “sit politely on your hands” and what, wait until they get tired of slaughtering us? And will anybody stop repeating for a minute the tired mantra of western interventionism the cause of all evil (as if our opponents were incapable of any invention in the field), without taking the time to look at the aggressiveness of the Ottomans, including against Europe and, earlier, Arab conquerors, who conquered a huge empire by the sword? Arabs/Ottomans/Islam have been giving at least as good as they’ve been getting through history, so stop the muslim victimisation bullshit, so that we can start talking and reaching useful conclusions, for a change..

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