BBC World Have Your Say: Has this week changed France?


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“BBC World Have Your Say – 14:21 – Public
Has this week changed France? It been a dramatic few days in France, culminating in the death of the gunman suspected of killing seven people in Al-Qaeda inspired attacks in southern France. Mohammed Merah was killed when police commandos stormed his apartment in Toulouse. The story has sparked a wider conversation about France, its politics and the challenges of a multicultural society. At 1800 GMT we’ll be discussing whether these events have transformed the country.”

No, it hasn’t changed France nor has it changed the course of history. Innocent people have died, again, because of fanatical beliefs, not the first and not the last time. As long as people will be ready to murder for their obsessions, we will be exposed to this kind of dangers. It’s not about state policies or rights or wrongs, it’s about people being manipulated skillfully to score political points. Have you ever heard about Lithuanians, Latvians or Ukrainians walking into a restaurant in Moscow to blow themselves up because of the historical wrongs and massacres of the Stalin era? Or Poles in Russia or Germany? You could go on like this for hours. Human history, including the very recent one, is full of massacres, injustices and people being displaced because of historical events. Does it mean that we have to go on murdering each other in the name of these old feuds, forever? Or we can move on and make peace with our enemies and their sons and daughters? We largely have, in Europe. Time people in other parts of the world stopped fanning old hatreds and tried to work to improve their life, instead of dreaming of past glories and reliving old nightmares.

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