Anatol Lieven: Don’t Fear the Russians|NYT

Mr Lieven does such a good job at calming western fears about Russia’s aggressive stance on all fronts. A very emollient piece of propaganda, interpreting as voluntary restraint, every time Russia has been forced to limit its reach by political opposition from the west or on the ground in Ukraine or Syria. I would be even tempted to believe that Russia washes whiter and softer, were it not for the fierce propaganda war it’s waging against the west, its conspiracy theories designed to cover its own conspiracies and the fact that it’s working with the most unsavoury European extremists, keft and right, to destroy Europe and the west from the inside. Lieven should get a passable score for trying, but I don’t buy his soft and cuddly vision of Russia. Just another version of Putin’s propaganda war, waged by paid stooges and useful idiots.

Washington needs to stop the saber rattling and recognize that President Putin doesn’t threaten American interests in either Syria or Ukraine.

Source: Don’t Fear the Russians

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