The Economist: Operators offer child-tracking devices

The Economist: “Many mobile operators offer child-tracking at extra cost, but the number of free tracking applications is growing fast. Parents in Japan and America are the keenest on such gizmos. Europeans, seemingly more relaxed about child safety and with more complex privacy laws, are less enamoured”

How about, instead of enslaving our children, we get predators under control? Clamp a big, powerful tracking device on the paedophiles and let the kids roam free. And those who will scream about the human rights of people who have paid their debt to society should know better: paedophiles are every bit as dangerous after a year or two in prison as before, it’s not something you can cure. It’s like bars on windows: for me it’s a sign that, when we can’t get a few criminals under control, all the honest people end up behind bars.