Richard Branson on EU

Coming from a family in which both parents had seen military (and other type of) action during WWII, that type of message is very cogent. I heard endless stories about the war, some of them funny, some of them tragic – but it was very present in my daily life, even though I was lucky to be born after the end of the conflict. I saw lots of crippled men hobbling around or begging in the street, some of them WWI invalids, other younger ones, WWII. So I don’t take for granted the fact that my children and I have managed to avoid conflict in our lifetime, so far – except it we go in a more or less remote area for work. That’s why I believe that, notwithstanding all the debates, discussions, rows and disagreements we may have in the EU and the wider Europe, we have to work to keep and improve the EU institutions, not hobble and destroy them. Destroy the EU in the name of what? A national currency which we can devalue at will, to mask the governments’ unwillingness to make difficult decisions? Of national borders locked to  normal citizens, but still open to criminals who know how to go around them? National flags which have been soaked in blood, again and again by generations of poor cannon fodder thrown by idiotic generals and corrupt governments on the killing fields? No, thanks. I will keep the perfectible EU.