The Guardian: Nick Clegg turns fire on David Cameron over Europe veto

It’s up to sherpas to negotiate and do all the hard work, out of the limelight. By the time the leaders meet, it should be all settled, time for glad handing, group photos and smiles. When you leave it to the leaders to do real work, that’s what happens.
The City of London and the eurosceptics have won a pyrrhic victory, they will live to rue the day. Trouble is, millions of Brits will rue the day, too. The bankers, who already caused endless trouble for themselves and everybody else, seem to run the British foreign policy, instead of feeling a bit of the pain they inflicted on everybody else. Where are the tough measures to prevent excessive risk-taking by entities too big to fail, promised during the crisis? Instead, the City tail gets to wag the British bulldog. Start buying rabbit feet, massive doses of luck will be needed to weather this self-inflicted stupidity.