Cologne assault: Cultural difference is no excuse for rape

It pains me to agree with The Telegraph, but this opinion piece is spot on. There is no excuse for criminal behaviour – and certainly not a cultural one. The Cologne events only confirm what some of us have been saying all along, I am afraid: these people come with baggage – and what baggage: a murderous religion, customs which are not just different but abhorrent to our society and endless conflicts which they happily bring with them. If Germany needs lots of workers, they should screen and train them before they even catch the plane to Germany, not admitting hordes of unscreened young men, delighted to enjoy the safety and comforts of Europe – and ready to destroy it. And let’s not leave this kind of rational approach to Wilders, Orbán, Lepen or Salvini: this is common sense, shared by a sizeable proportion or even a majority of Europeans, or we will have a double whammy: hordes of fanatics on one side and a fascist Europe on the other, taking advantage of the first group to come to power.

How long before the women of Cologne are advised to stay indoors, or even cover their heads?

Source: Cologne assault: Cultural difference is no excuse for rape

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