Pakistan and the US

Sat 24/12/2011

Council for Foreign Relations writes about Pakistani Media and anti-Americanism: “U.S.-Pakistan ties deteriorated significantly in the past year, and the anti-American rhetoric in Pakistani media (NYT), especially television, reached a crescendo. Najam Sethi, an award-winning Pakistani journalist […]

Harry Potter economy

Sat 24/12/2011

You need jobs and a strong economy first, before you can pay off debts and reduce the deficit. Depression is not the time to set money aside, where is it supposed to come from? The […]

The Economist on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Book of Jobs

Wed 14/12/2011

The Economist blog Free Exchange: Lessons of the 1930s comments on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Book of Jobs in Vanity Fair. Here is my comment: Interesting that the author has found issue with some of the technical aspects of Stiglitz’s […]

Ma in fondo, l’Europa piace agli Inglesi?

Sun 11/12/2011

Nel suo commento nel Corriere della Sera (dell’11 dicembre 2011): Ma l’Europa agli inglesi sotto sotto non dispiace – Mi auguro che indìcano davvero un referendum sull’Europa Beppe Severgnini parla dell’atteggiamento ambiguo dell’Inghilterra verso l’Europa, sperando che indìcano, […]

Sikorski przeprasza Kaczyńskiego

Wed 07/12/2011

Gazeta Wyborcza: Sikorski i Rostowski przepraszają Kaczyńskiego za stan wojenny Właśnie kiedy już zacząłem myśleć że nie ma wizji w Europie, przemówienie Sikorskiego w Berlinie zaprzeczyło mi.  Mówił on jak mąż stanu – nareszcie ktoś z wizją, a brakuje to […]

It’s time to go to Valencia

Sun 04/12/2011

1 of December, it’s time to go to Valencia. We joined the U3A coaches in Moraira, outside the Wok restaurant – a small crowd of U3A members already getting onboard. Since the trip was announced […]