23/11/2015, Today – BBC Radio 4

Tue 24/11/2015

General McChrystal, who led US special forces in Iraq speaks on BBC4 about the nature of the threat posed by ISIS and how we should respond – and how not to respond in the predictable […]

The French Way of War – POLITICO Magazine

Sun 22/11/2015

The French military is highly conscious of its small size and lack of resources… Whenever possible, they try to limit the use of the military to missions for which militaries really can be of use. […]

How Has Russia Weaponized Information? | CEPA

Wed 18/11/2015

In CEPA’s latest report, Edward Lucas and Ben Nimmo describe the Kremlin’s ongoing disinformation campaign to subvert both international onlookers and its domestic population. CEPA Infowar Paper No. 1 describes the mechanisms Russia has employed […]

The threat of Islamophobia

Wed 18/11/2015

After every Islamist outrage, every atrocity, a lament goes up, bemoaning Islamophobia, as if it was a fact and a real threat. Then people forget, until the next outrage. In the meantime, Islamophobia simply doesn’t […]

The Daily Beast: Russia Is Sending Jihadis to Join ISIS

Mon 16/11/2015

Michael Weiss writes: “Russia Is Sending Jihadis to Join ISIS” Even as Washington touts its counterterrorism partnerships with Moscow, evidence points to Putin’s intelligence service practically helping the Islamic State. It is an article of […]

Abdennour Bidar: Lettre ouverte au monde musulman

Sun 15/11/2015

A Muslim philosopher on the monster within Islam. English version. Time to start actually thinking, not just reacting. Trouble is that there are not many more voices like that. The solution can only come from inside […]

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