We must remain in the EU – for Eastern Europe’s sake|The New Statesman

For Leave enthusiasts, every sane argument is only provocation to scream louder and play victim, for Stay enthusiasts, they have reason (remember Enlightenment? No, I thought so) on their side – which is not enough to sway anything or anybody in the post-truth age. Then there is a floating minority, which may sway the vote either way, half-rational and half-fearful, half-hoping for the good old days of empire… I know, it’s too many halves, but the whole issue has been a matter of feeling over reason, so might as well have post-truth arithmetics. And yes, there are millions of expats all over Europe, mainly in sunny Spain – and, although I can’t see anybody turfing them out overnight, they are all very worried, as they would lose lots of advantages, like public health insurance, cost of living adjustments for their British pensions, etc. And, like Yankees, Chinese and Russians, they may have to trek to have their Schengen visas renewed every six months… Mind you, a lot of them may opt to become nationals – if and when they will be able to fill a form in Spanish, Bulgarian or French…

Europe’s leaders must ensure that the mistake of abandoning Eastern Europe, which led to catastrophe in the 1930s, is not repeated.