The pope of Great Britain bestows his blessing on the country

Now that the UK has proclaimed, among cries of “Independence Day” its intention to leave the EU – has anybody stopped to think who was the architect of such a stunning victory for populism and as stunning a reversal for democracy? Farage? Boris Johnson, Gove? Any one of the cohort of leavers? Not likely, as they just exploited the brainwashing performed daily, without fail, by the tabloid press over the last forty years. With help from duty prime ministers, who never failed to find solace by blaming the EU for all of the country’s woes, while taking credit for all its successes.

Who made Rupert Murdoch pope?

When Henry VIII established the Church of England, it was to affirm his right to be the only master of the destiny of his country, right? Henry VIII as only ruler, with nobody above him – certainly not the pope.

Fast forward to the 1980s, when Rupert Murdoch becomes the pope of Great Britain. Every candidate wishing to become prime minister has to beg for an audience with Murdoch. Once one of the candidates gets the nod, they practically have the ironclad guarantee that Murdoch will deploy the might of his media empire and, presto, a new prime minister – it hasn’t failed in more than 30 years. Thatcher, Blair (not Gordon Brown, but then he was hounded by the tabloids), then Cameron had to sell their soul to the devil – or the Pope of Great Britain.  Is anybody going to thank Rupert for his services to the nation? A knighthood, baronetcy or, why not, the crown for himself or one his children?

Henry VIII must be turning in his grave, big time.

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