Seven Places in Europe We Call Home|NYT

Sat 14/05/2016

From Madrid to Istanbul, our contributors reveal the hidden delights of their European homes: jewel-box gardens, neighborhood cafes, secret coves. Source: Seven Places in Europe We Call Home

New York Times Travel: 36 Hours in London

Mon 09/05/2016

Visitors at the viewing gallery at the Shard, in London — one of the spots @d_azia visited for this week’s 36 Hours column on the southeastern part of the city. More at #london #shard […]

36 Hours in Southeast London|NYT

Sun 08/05/2016

Beautiful shots The neighborhoods in Southeast London are among the capital’s most energetic, with lively streets, tempting restaurants and a spooky cemetery. Source: 36 Hours in Southeast London

The island where nothing makes sense|BBC News

Wed 20/04/2016

Matthew Teller roams Ascension Island, a volcanic outpost of empire where it’s hot and cold at the same time – and nobody’s sure who’s in charge. Source: The island where nothing makes sense – BBC […]

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