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European v American movie is about working methods as much as anything else. Most European movie directors write their own scripts, have to look for financing and then direct the movie – it’s a big effort, mostly by one person, until more join in for the time of the production. In the US the whole process is largely industrialised: the producer is in charge and is considered the author of the movie. The producer will hire one or, more likely, a team of script writers. The writers will craft with great precision every aspect of the script. with specialists for dialogue, etc. The whole production and post-production process involves a lot of people, excellent specialists in their field – looking at the credits at the end of each film speaks volumes about the investment and number of people involved. European films tend to be more intimate and introspective, often hard to translate for other European viewers, leave alone Americans. Considering the large investment in money and talent each US movie entails, it’s a pity that so many of them are so terrible. And CGI, however excellent, doesn’t replace a good story, good acting and a real plot. Also, the real action in the US is in TV series, which attract the best talents – and it shows, the results are often excellent.

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Source: European Movies vs American Movies – OneEurope

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