David Schrok: Why we shouldn’t be scared of Grexit

I agree with David Schrok: if countries feel that they cannot share the ideals and goals of a united Europe, they should feel free to go – or be encouraged if need be. I believe that we would be better off in a fully democratic federation, enjoying increased cooperation and union, without the disruption of those who want to sabotage all the rules for the sake of their own outdated nationalist ideas. Nationalism has brought us wars, destruction and hatred, time to retire it – the sooner the better. If that means shedding a few malcontents on the way, then be it – goodbye. Better a small, focused union than a wide, unfocused, amorphous creature, pulled in all directions by egoism and hatred.

The author quotes the United States, its difficult formation and eventual success. I think that Switzerland could be an interesting role model for a future Europe, with its cantons and multilingual federal structure.


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