A Europe of Citizens by Ana Palacio|Project Syndicate

Food for thought. It’s the kind of discussion we should be having at all levels, instead of lurching from “throw the baby with the bathwater” eurosceptic approach, to … no real proposal on the pro-Europe side. I am not sure that I agree with every word Palacio writes, but I certainly would welcome discussion on the subject, which I think is long overdue. the problem is that we’ve left all of the initiative to the eurosceptic camp, ignoring all other opinions and options.

Now less than ever is the time to roll back or take a step back. It’s time to seize the initiative and move things forward – there are enough people demanding that we drop the whole foolish idea of Europe and just surrender lustily to the big Russian macho bear-slaying Putin, who will make things right for us, just like for his own populace.

A genuine and legitimate shift in sovereignty to an EU executive requires a stronger connection between the people and those acting on their behalf. In other words, the EU needs a transnational constituency.

Source: A Europe of Citizens by Ana Palacio – Project Syndicate