The financial industry is like a parasite

Fri 11/05/2012

From the moment the financial industry is not used to gather capitals to finance productive activities, it is just a totally sterile activity. Its only purpose being the manipulation of money and payment of profits […]


Fri 11/05/2012 The story summarizes well the advantages and pitfalls of telecommuting. I would just add, on the downside, the feeling of isolation a worker can experience, an “us v. them” rivalry which can creep into […]

Gad Lerner: L’ombra nazista sulla Grecia

Fri 04/05/2012

Gad Lerner: L’ombra nazista sulla Grecia Si é sempre colpa di qualcun altro. Che sia l’Europa, gli stranieri, il capitale – sempre lo stesso discorso. Il fatto che i greci – ricchi e poveri – […]