NYT: The Sexual Misery of the Arab World

Sat 20/02/2016

I’ve always said that aggression in the Arab world is caused by permanent sexual frustration – on both (all) sides. Get laid instead of getting blown up could be the slogan for the Muslim world, […]

Islamism and the Left | Dissent Magazine

Sun 14/02/2016

I frequently come across leftists who are more concerned with avoiding accusations of Islamophobia than they are with condemning Islamist zealotry. This is an odd position with relation to the Muslim world today, but it […]

‘Occidentophobia’: The Elephant in the Room

Sun 31/01/2016

“The West” is regularly seen as some combination of loss of moral values, imperialism and drone attacks — a description reminiscent of the Star Trek Borg species that assimilates into and then destroys other cultures. […]

Anne Applebaum: How to Regain Control of Europe

Sat 12/12/2015

This article is an updated version of an article written before the attacks. Objectively speaking, the unprecedented, bloody terrorist attacks in Paris on Source: How to Regain Control of Europe At the deepest level, the […]

NYT: Terror From Europe’s Future Street

Sat 05/12/2015

NYT: Terror From Europe’s Future Street The dangerous thing about this ISIS territory, the Caliphate’s embryo, is not so much its oil revenue, or its training facilities, or its proximity to the West, or its […]

23/11/2015, Today – BBC Radio 4

Tue 24/11/2015

General McChrystal, who led US special forces in Iraq speaks on BBC4 about the nature of the threat posed by ISIS and how we should respond – and how not to respond in the predictable […]

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