Poland’s Constitutional Crisis | Foreign Affairs

Sat 27/08/2016

After simmering for nine months, the tension between Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and the country’s highest court, the Constitutional Tribunal, is coming to a boil. Source: Poland’s Constitutional Crisis | Foreign Affairs

Poland’s New Majoritarians

Tue 07/06/2016

Long read, but a good backgrounder on what’s going on in Poland: Having seized formal political power with both hands, Kaczynski took the Party’s unprecedented electoral success as unquestionable justification to vehemently oppose any challenge […]

Poland vs. History by Timothy Snyder|NYR

Thu 26/05/2016

In early 2017, Poland was supposed to unveil what is perhaps the most ambitious museum devoted to World War II in any country. Yet the current Polish government, led by the conservative Law and Justice […]


Sun 08/05/2016

240000/2400=100. L’objectivité est une chose excellente, le gouvernement par la division et la diabolisation de l’opposition plutôt non. Le message de l’opposition est d’entente et tolerance, celui de l’extrème droite de haine et division, qu’elle […]

Czym kusi populizm? | Kultura Liberalna

Thu 05/05/2016

Rozbicie Europy to zły pomysł, ale to nie oznacza, że ludzie nie spróbują wcielić go w życie. Populistyczni politycy nie oglądają się na konsekwencje? Samo to, że coś nie może działać lub nie działa, nie oznacza, że ludzie […]

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