The Guardian: The double standards of green anti-nuclear opponents

There is no easy solution, no question about it. But let’s look at the options, not just run around waving our arms.

The same people who oppose nuclear power, also seem to oppose wind farms. Why? Because they are an eyesore, apparently. Because coal or gas fired power stations are beautiful, right?
The same people who scream for vast investments in renewable energies, are the ones who oppose their implementation every single day.
So, let’s make up our mind: if we are in favour of renewable energy, let’s make an all out effort and JUST DO IT. In a country not so far from here, in Spain, the proportion of energy from renewable sources is staggering: in March 2011, wind generators provided the majority of energy requirements in Spain, for the first time ( So, if the Spaniards can do it, why not other countries?