Press Freedom

Sun 17/10/2021

Press freedom preserves the freedom of expression, while it underpins other freedoms. It’s the watchdog that, when done right, drags into the open the dirty secrets of the rich, corrupt and and the powerful – the Panama papers and the latest Pandora papers bear witness to the skill of the rich and powerful to cover their tracks, but also of investigative journalists to follow their tracks and expose their crimes. […]

Muslim Voters and the European Left | Foreign Affairs

Fri 09/03/2018

The refugee crisis has highlighted a strategic problem for Europe’s left: how to approach immigration and immigrant voters without driving away their working-class base. … The central problem for the European left is this: the […]

Carole Cadwalladr: General Flynn. A primer for Brits

Sat 02/12/2017

General Flynn. A primer for Brits.Had contract with Cambridge Analytica – now being investigated by Electoral Commission over Brexit role. In this extraordinary video he talks about ‘digital soldiers’ engaged in ‘irregular warfare’ run ‘like […]

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