Brexit won – “now let’s unite and work together”

Bexit won. Now is the time to unite and work together.

Great idea. But a summary first. The Leave campaign lies unceasingly for months, ignores all warnings and insults all experts, then it wins by a narrow margin, which it was preparing to contest had the Remain side won, fails to answer any question about the post-Brexit plans – because it turns out that it didn’t have any. Then, presto! The result is in the bag, let’s just ignore that the country is falling apart, literally – and let’s get along as if there had been no lies, racism and contempt – and get the brains in the Remain camp to clean up the unholy mess it will take a generation to sort out. Too easy – take charge of the mess: you broke it, you own it. And an apology may be in order, as all the dire predictions are coming true, one by one. Brexiters have unleashed the monster of racism, rivalry between generations, social groups, north v south, east v west. With every extremist populist in Europe and beyond applauding in glee – from neo-nazis to Putin, from Trump to Lepen, Wilders, etc.