Thomas Friedman on Snowden|NYT

Tue 11/06/2013

Friedman opens with: “I’m glad I live in a country with people who are vigilant in defending civil liberties. But as I listen to the debate about the disclosure of two government programs designed to […]

US envoy’s assassination in Libya and demonstrations across the Arab world

Sat 15/09/2012 The point of embassies and diplomacy is to maintain relations between states and governments, even in a time of ubiquitous, instant telecommunications. The whole point of attacking embassies is to make civilised relations […]

Pakistan and the US

Sat 24/12/2011

Council for Foreign Relations writes about Pakistani Media and anti-Americanism: “U.S.-Pakistan ties deteriorated significantly in the past year, and the anti-American rhetoric in Pakistani media (NYT), especially television, reached a crescendo. Najam Sethi, an award-winning Pakistani journalist […]

Arab Spring – a small reading list

Wed 30/11/2011

I belong to a discussion (or is it debating?) group. We recently had a debate on the Arab Spring – good or bad? Here are some of the sources I used for the debate:

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