The Economist: Operators offer child-tracking devices

Fri 11/01/2013

The Economist: “Many mobile operators offer child-tracking at extra cost, but the number of free tracking applications is growing fast. Parents in Japan and America are the keenest on such gizmos. Europeans, seemingly more relaxed […]

Broadcast Engineering celebrates quality of NBC Olympic coverage

Wed 15/08/2012

Broadcast Engineering celebrates the quality of NBC’s 2012 Olympic coverage, extolling the technical setup and the quantity of material provided across various platforms and channels Obviously the technology was used in an optimal manner. […]

Pakistan and the US

Sat 24/12/2011

Council for Foreign Relations writes about Pakistani Media and anti-Americanism: “U.S.-Pakistan ties deteriorated significantly in the past year, and the anti-American rhetoric in Pakistani media (NYT), especially television, reached a crescendo. Najam Sethi, an award-winning Pakistani journalist […]

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