WHO’s Fairy Dust Financing|FP

Fri 27/05/2016

Laurie Garrett on the funding or, more correctly, underfunding of the key UN agency WHO (World Health Organization), which is supposed to look after global health issues – with grossly inadequate funding. With the world […]

Those Medici | The Economist

Thu 26/05/2016

FLORENCE was the centre of the Renaissance. By no accident, it was also at the time the centre of an industry that has marked the West no less: banking. And at the centre of that […]

Poland vs. History by Timothy Snyder|NYR

Thu 26/05/2016

In early 2017, Poland was supposed to unveil what is perhaps the most ambitious museum devoted to World War II in any country. Yet the current Polish government, led by the conservative Law and Justice […]

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